星期六,七月, 29, 2006





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  1. I like it. the movie as well as the novel.
    well, I totally agree with ur witty insights on this issue,
    yes, love in films or books is just kind of a fantasy, a delusion and even intoxicant for idealists,
    But the fact is that who cares? cigarettes are toxic, people still smoke all the day. the world is already so desperate, why can’t we create some neverland for our own sake, it will hurt anybody.

    ps, I googled fingersmith+小说, your blog is the first entry on first page 🙂

  2. wow..suprised to find somebody answering to my utterances…and more surprised to find nice music on your space. ^^
    Everyone likes fantasy, probably because, as you said, the world is desperate, and we need something to console ourselves with. or maybe it’s not the world thing, it’s only because no matter how many we’ve got, we still want more. But what matter is it might feel more desperate when you look back into the real life, finding there’s little as wonderful as you found in the great works and therefore expect. Sure it won’t hurt anybody except yourself. Or, just me.

    by the way, your words of cigarettes remind me of “coffee and cigarettes”, one of the most gorgeous movies ever.

  3. well, I guess there is a differenc between fancy drinking and addiction to alcohol…the phrase “drink responsibly” was put on all packaging cases of alcohols in this country, just like “smoking kills” on boxes of cigarettes, maybe we should put a “fiction hurts” on the cover of books and DVDs ^^ just kidding…

    PS I liked that film too.

  4. the bittersweet joy? ^^


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